20 August 2008

In Plain Language

Matthew 10:1-15
by Jenny Howard

Then Jesus summoned his disciples and sent them on a mission – a mission to heal, and to clean out the spirits of filth and decay.

And the names of the disciples were these: (your name here, and yours, and mine, ... and many others too numerous to mention).

Jesus instructed them, “There’s no need to go to the ends of the earth; the lost ones who need your help are right in your back yard. Tell them, God’s great love embraces everyone, and it is here, now – it’s all around us. Carry this love to the sick at heart; it will heal them. Use it to bring back to life those whose souls have died. Reach out and touch the dirty, the untouchables with it; it will cleanse them. Indeed, it even has the power to cast out demons.

"You received this love without payment; give without payment. You won’t need money or special equipment for this mission. When you’re doing my work, I’ll make sure you have what you need.

"Find someone who should hear this message of love, and stay with them until it’s time to find another one. Go in peace wherever you go, and share this peace with others. If someone refuses to share this peace and love with you, walk away – don’t take even the dust of their house with you. Their closed heart will have consequences, but that’s not your mission. Just take your peace with you, and keep telling people about God’s wildly inclusive love."

The above paraphrase is reprinted here with permission of the author. It originally appeared on the Cassandra Today blog.

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