09 November 2009

God's Scrum

Lisa Larges and Beth Van Sickle

God is always making a way. Sometimes the material God has to work with is, let's say, "interesting." For the Israelites leaving Egypt, God makes a way by rolling back the water, so that the Hebrew children walk over dry land, with a wall of water on each side. As Jesus enters Jerusalem, the way is made out of coats, and other garments, and palm branches , and whatever was at hand .

Sometimes, God makes a scrum. It's a term for a Rugby formation, but it's been borrowed by celebs and important public officials. In this case, a scrum is simply two lines of Secret Service Agents or body guards who create a safe path for the President, or official, or Hollywood star to pass through without injury.

There are now, a surprisingly large number of lgbtq candidates and inquirers for ministry in the Presbyterian Church. And perhaps God has brought us together to be scrum for one another. Scrums are made up of our own people - people that we trust to keep us safe when we encounter raucous people who do not support our Calls. Our scrums move through the ordination process with us, forming circles around us if need be, keeping an eye out for anyone intent on harming us. Through mutual love, respect, and honor of God's call to each of us, our scrum moves with us through desert wilderness into the promised land. When we feel alone, our God and our scrum is with us. When the night is dark, God and our scrum are there to light the path. God always makes a way.

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Nauraushaun Church said...

I love this image - I think of a community moving together. For me, scrum means not only moving through ordination, but all of what church can be.