18 July 2008

Arrived and On Line!

Here we are! It has been hard to get on line but we have a system worked out and so you will soon be hearing more from all of us.

Everyone arrived last night and we began with a delicious meal made by our host retreat center. The grounds are just beautiful and we were surprised with air conditioning and an above ground swimming pool! Before supper many of us got a great and fun swim in, several took hikes around the prairie and through the woods and apple orchard.

Last night we began as we explored how we name ourselves and how we name our positions in the church. As always, it seems the Holy Spirit blows so strongly this mighty community. And then small groups. And then worship. And then more conversations and more food.

The weather is beautiful, the people are great, the surroundings stunning, we are off to a good start.

Thanks for you all reading out there and supporting us this weekend!

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