28 July 2008

Psalm - Untitled

Why bring me here, O God,
To dwell in the midst of these?
Having carried me away, from land to distant land,
Bearing the mark of resident alien.
How I long to remember the tastes
Of the pomegranates of home,
Dream of the refreshing pools of the land of my ancestors,
But the people of home, they have cast me out.
I am the beloved reviled, celebrated as one whose songs of pain
Gladden the hearts of many who hear.

Yet in my abiding as resident stranger,
Leaving me to find food among the fallen fruit
In the vineyard’s row.
My flesh has become accustomed
To the chilled emptiness of the sun’s retreat.
There is none to love
In the solitary place.
I have forgotten the hands of human embrace
And my heart cries out to you, O God.
But why to you not hear?
What is the reason for this scorn?

I believe you are my resting place;
Can you find rest in me?
Reach into this strange land and pluck their hearts with songs –
The ones who dwell here.
That I may sing at the welcome table of your righteousness,
The songs of joy and thanksgiving.
Bring the warmth of the sun’s light upon my face
That I may feel your presence among your people.
I beseech you, O God, visit me
In the wind, the rain, the moment of your desire.
Blessed God, just make your way to me…

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