19 July 2008

Psalm 00 (double zero)

by Sharon

I am alone; part of me despairing, unreached, dwindling into a sea of uncertainty.
I bless you, oh God, for my dreams. Dreams that give comfort and hope when
nothing else does. You know my strongest desires, my hearts longings. Hear my cry.
Give me the desires of my heart. Make me whole, oh God. Let me be invigorated with
the heart beat of life that I may be among the nearness of your life giving realm, your Beloved Community where all feel how much they are worth to you.

But I am between the closet of stifling fear and the window of opportunity where my feelings can be valued and cherished. I want to like myself the way that I am, to accept my feelings as rare pearls. But these pearls so often get thrown to swine. The ones who do not know or understand me condemn my feelings and encourage me to bury them in the mud. They would rather suffocate me than to bear the discomfort of difference. In denying the stranger in me, they deny the stranger in themselves. Jesus, let us not deny you in ourselves or in others but sync into your well of life.

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