19 July 2008

Modern Psalms

This weekend we have taken time to write our own Modern Day Psalms.

Here is one; others may follow.

"O God You Called"
By David Paul

O God, you called and I listened.
In the beauty of your creation
surrounded by your children
your spirit entered and has refused to leave.

O God, you called and your people called.
Your people showered me with praise and thanksgiving.
They saw hope in the church through me
and rejoiced in my call to be your servant.

O God, you called and I refused to listen.
Your people would throw stones at me.
They say my love is NOT from you;
they say I am NOT worthy to be your servant.
I cannot listen to you.

O God, you called and I refused to listen.
What are my parents going to say...what is the church going to say?
Where is the good news in this? You have taken my hopes and dreams.
I cannot listen...I will not listen!

O God, you called and I was afraid. Your SPIRIT will not leave!
Anxiety pulses through my veins. My heart is going to pound through my chest.
How could you lead me down this path of injustice?
It all feels like a practical joke...are you laughing?

O God, you called and I silently rejoiced!
Your freeing power released me from my fear.
Who can I trust...who can I share this joy and new life?
This new life and hopes and dreams and right relationships
and an authenticity You have called me to?

O God, you called and I rejoiced loudly!
You have led me down a new path, O God.
One full of abundant blessings and life.
As I gather in this new community, your presence is palpable.
You have called so many of us...pushing us forward to make paths
where paths do not exist.

O God, you have called and I have retreated.
I had to eat, drink, and survive.
How can I trust you where there is NO path?
Why does your spirit still stay within me?

O God, you have called. Where do I go now?

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