19 July 2008


Wow. It's hard to believe that we head home tomorrow. Our time here has gone quickly, but it has been valuable in a myriad of ways. We have had large-group time together for worship, which is always an incredibly rich experience when with this particular family of believers. We also have gathered in small groups to discuss large group experiences, and have shared our individual journeys of discernment, seminary, job-seeking, and our ways of being in the world. Outside of group, some of us have, good-naturedly, argued over whose small group was the best, so it seems that, as a whole, our small group experiences have allowed for some deepening of the Spirit.

Earlier today, I was on my bed trying to fall asleep after doing some writing that internally took me to a raw, emotional, place. I was unable to fall asleep, though, because someone in the apartment above our rooms kept walking across the room with seemingly heavy footfalls. I couldn't help thinking of a parallel between those footfalls and God. So often, I've tried to "sleep" my way through life by going through the motions of daily living. Just when I've nearly been able to succeed in being asleep, God has walked through my life in one form or another, awakened me, and forced me to deal with life from a place of intention and/or consciousness. I am thankful that I now feel more comfortable being awake with God than I was when I tried to stay asleep.

Thank you to all who sponsored our time together, and to those who hold us in prayer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and as always, with our beloved Church.

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